Wednesday, September 11, 2013

PC Spotlight #11: Incognita

Title: Incognita
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Platforms: PC
Price: $16.99 for alpha access
It seems like Klei Entertainment just can't stay put in one genre for too long, from Shank's gory brawler action to Don't Starve's otherworldly survival and Mark of the Ninja's 2D sneaking. Now Klei is bringing its visual flair to the world of turn-based tactics with Incognita.
Described as turn-based tactical espionage, Incognita is a slick polished experience even at this early stage. Rather than protecting the world from an alien invasion or taking out terrorists, your objective is to steal secrets; fans of cyberpunk and sci-fi noir will be right at home in this world of high-tech corporate espionage. Your team of agents must infiltrate each procedurally-generated level, gather information, and escape. Unlike a game like XCOM, your characters aren't built for head-on confrontation. Stealth is key here: hack into the mainframe to control security cameras, peek around doors, be wary of your footsteps and other noisy activity. But you can't play too cautiously. After 20 turns, you will be detected and heavily armed security will reach your level, making escape that much difficult.
That balance between caution and the inevitable reinforcements imbues every moment with tension. You can purchase the early access alpha for $16.99 here, which will give you access to all alphas, betas, and a copy of the full game and an extra gift copy for a friend. While the current alpha is only a single randomized level, Incognita already shows tons of potential. You'll be able to experience turn-based tactical espionage when the full game launches in 2014.

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