Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quick Fix: Four great sites for indie news and impressions

I share news and impressions of overlooked and under-the-radar games with you but I wouldn't know about some of those games without these great sites.
NeoGAF Indie Games Threads (September)
These monthly threads list the most promising indies across various platforms as well as upcoming games. Forum members vote each month on their favorite games as well as post recommendations and impressions of their own. Be sure to check out the threads for the past six months

Similar to NeoGAF, this subreddit is exclusive about indie games and is supported by user links and submissions. Perhaps the best site for recent news as it happens.

A more traditional site than the first two links, IndieStatik has more in-depth articles, reviews, and previews if you're looking for professional opinions on indie games.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
While RPS does review and preview AAA games, it also devotes tons of attention to indie gaming. Go here for impressions on anything from the latest Kickstarters to freeware games.

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  1. Sir, you should check out indierun.co. They feature new games every week!