Friday, September 6, 2013

No Money, No Problem: Atum

Title: Atum
Developer: IGAD Students
Platforms: Browser, requires Unity player
Price: Free
Similar to the puzzle platformer Perspective, Atum utilizes player perspective in a unique innovative way.
At first glance, Atum seems to be a 2D platformer, but it's not. Atum is a first person game where you play as the person playing the 2D platformer. WASD moves the character onscreen but the mouse moves your perspective, allowing you to look around the room in which you set. This isn't just a simple gimmick, as you can use objects in the real world to help the character in the game, such as using a lighter to clear away flammable debris.
Atum is a short game with an interesting premise. You can play it here for free.

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