Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PC Spotlight #10: Towerclimb

Title: Towerclimb
Developer: Davioware
Platforms: PC
Price: $4.99
Don't be put off by Towerclimb's retro style. If you're looking a platformer that will challenge you or a good roguelike, Towerclimb has you covered on both fronts.
Towerclimb is a roguelike platformer that tasks you with ascending a randomized tower filled with dangerous creatures and fatal traps...and you only have one life to do so. While Towerclimb may require the precision and quick thinking of games like Super Meat Boy and Electronic Super Joy, the gameplay is much slower paced, methodical, and reliant on planning and strategy. Spikes kill you if you fall on them but you can walk past them safely. Red-eyed hounds are ready to tear out your throat but you can sneak by if they're sleeping. Power-ups grant you bombs, double (or triple or quadruple) jumps, and teleportation, but they're rare, so you must use them only when needed. Six-player local co-op is also available.
Towerclimb's retro facade hides an atmospheric platformer that will challenge with its devious level designs and roguelike mechanics. You can purchase the beta for $4.99 here or vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

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