Thursday, September 5, 2013

PC Spotlight #7: Aces Wild

Title: Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action
Developer: Culture Attack Studios
Platforms: PC
Price: 9.99
I've seen Aces Wild called a "bullet hell beat-em-up" and I think the phrase describes the game perfectly. Take the overwhelming number of enemies, the wild visual overload, the insane pace of a bullet hell SHUMP and combine that with over-the-top Dragonball Z-style combat and you get Aces Wild.
The combat in Aces Wild requires one to walk a fine line between craziness and caution. Attacking enemies builds up your Wild meter which allows you to charge up your destructive, enemy-pinballing super attacks or perform a space clearing move that heals you, but the more Wild you have, the more powerful enemies become. So combat becomes a very satisfying mix of punching enemies across the screen and dodging and evading attacks while strategically utlizing your Wild at the best times.
Best played with a gamepad, Aces Wild is a visual treat. Enemies and mini-bosses attack from all sides. Debris flies across the screen. Combos leave you aerial for minutes at a time while missles and projectiles track you and colorful impact effects blind you. The game is a great stress reliever but remains a challenge throughout. With three characters to choose from (each with their own style), a boss rush, arcade mode, and local co-op for double the chaos, Aces Wild has enough content to last hours. You can purchase the game here and vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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