Sunday, September 29, 2013

PC Spotlight #15: Escape Goat

Title: Escape Goat
Developer: MagicalTimeBean
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $4.99 ($3.99 on IndieGameStand for a limited time)
Don't be fooled by Escape Goat's charming pixel graphics. It's not a simple or easy game by any means. Escape Goat is a challenging inventive puzzle platformer that deserves your attention.
A goat imprisoned for witchcraft and his mouse friend, trapped within the trap-laden Prison of Argus. The goat can run, double jump, dash, while you can send the mouse to fit through small spaces, access unreachable buttons, or even swap places when he's wearing a magic hat. You'll need to use all these skills to escape alive. The Prison is divided into 64 levels across ten themed areas, from the Electric Lab to the icy Frozen Caverns, and each will challenge with precision platforming and puzzles. The key mechanic is the fact that the level layouts aren't static, but will shift and alter with the press of button or switch. It really never gets old seeing the levels change around you and then having to understand how to use this to your advantage.
Completing the main campaign unlocks a new set of levels, All Intensive Purposes. These 50 levels are brutally difficult and put all the skills you mastered in the Prison of Argus to the test. The game also has an editor to create your own levels. You can purchase Escape Goat for $4.99 on the developer's site and Desura or for $3.99 from IndieGameStand for a limited time.

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