Friday, September 6, 2013

The Watchlist: Prisonscape

Title: Prisonscape
Developers: Pukka & Tuomas
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Releasing 2014
"Prisonscape is an adventure/RPG game in which the main character is sent to jail (and later on to prison) for crimes he actually DID commit. We don’t want to give out the story too much, but initially the character has to stay alive and learn the rules of this harsh place. Inside you have to deal with such things as constant assaults, creating and using weapons, interacting with other prisoners and learning the trade inside the jail. The player can develop his character to be, for example, a strong, tough fighter or an intelligent, charismatic manipulator."
Prisonscape is an ambitious prison simulator RPG developed inspired by both games like Chronos Trigger and Lucasarts adventure games as well as shows like OZ and The Wire. Prisonscape hopes to immerse the player in the violent gritty world of prison life. From helping the Aryan Brotherhood seize control of key prison areas to snitching on prisoners to smuggling drugs and crafting makeshift weapons and body armor, Prisonscape is not taking any shortcuts in creating a realistic prison environment.
This is a full fledged RPG, with multiple stats to increase and side missions to undertake. Do you take drugs to increase your HP before a fight at the risk of a random drug test or addiction? Do you hide weapons in your cell or on your person, always weary that a shakedown could occur at any moment? Which gang do you help or do you work as a snitch for guards? Will you resolve conflict through a bathroom shanking, through conversation and negotiation, or by turning one gang against another?
Prisonscape is planned to release in 2014 and the developers are working a short demo which will available later this year. You can learn about this game on the developer's blog and its IndieDB page.

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