Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 6/28

This is a new series of articles I plan to do on my blog. For the past six months, four times a month, I've posted in the NeoGAF Indie Threads about games I've discovered on Screenshot Saturday. I thought it would be cool to post here about the games that intrigued me the most. So without further ado...

Seaworthy is a real time strategy pirate captain simulator roguelike-like. Take command of your very own pirate ship! Order your band of brigands around as you face a variety of crazy encounters and navigate through our open world consisting of procedurally generated maps.
More info and images here (Website coming soon)

Developer: FiolaSoft Studio
Go through an adventure inside of a black hole! No physical laws apply in here. Adventure arcade with logic elements, great atmosphere and awesome gameplay.

Developer: Cariboo
Excaliword is a puzzle word game mixed with simple RTS mechanics. Expand your kingdom by making words and attacking your enemy. Excaliword is a multiplayer online game which allows you to compete against one player by killing the enemy king or capturing the sword.

Developer: Overpowered Games
Rethinking the competitive FPS with spidermechs, zero gravity, grapple hooks, and color


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