Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Watchlist: Negspace

Title: Negspace
Developer: Pablo Pencha
Platforms: PC
In development
Negspace is a minimalist 2D physics based hotseat dogfighter, inspired by Lunar Lander, Solar Winds, Descent, 0space and Teleglitch.
Despite still being fairly early in development, Negspace caught my eye while browsing devlogs on TIGForum. As a big fan of Teleglitch, I was intrigued by Negspace's art style and atmosphere, and after reading through the devlog, it looks like the gameplay will be equally engaging.
Set in the corridors of claustrophobic stations and expanses of debris, Negspace tasks you with navigating these hazards as a small ship, against up to four other players in split-screen multiplayer. Mastering movement is key here and learning to control your inertia and momentum will allow you maneuver through minefields, around debris, and deftly evade missiles. However you're not defenseless; missiles of your own, decoys and other counter-measures, and even the ability to take control of bigger more powerful ships offer a wealth of options to utilize while exploring Negspace's levels. Danger awaits around every unexplored corner, from simply running out of fuel to inhospitable radiation.
While the gameplay looks intense and fun, it's the aesthetic that rounds out the package. Developer Pablo Pencha has crafted a visually compelling experience, where empty ships wait to be commandeered and fields of debris float amidst massive suns. Even the menu design adds to the immersion, as it's fully playable rather than a series of screens. The pixel art mixed with realistic physics and interesting ship designs gives Negspace a unique style all its own.
There are also plans for a single player component, but that aspect has yet to be worked on. Negspace doesn't have a release time frame yet; you can follow its development on TIGForum and the developer on Twitter and Facebook.

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