Monday, June 23, 2014

No Money, No Problem: Chained

Title: Chained
Developer: Those Guys/DigiPen student team
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Along with the previously mentioned SubRay and Arc, Chained was one of the three games to win top honors in the DigiPen Game Awards. Chained easily deserves such recognition, thanks to its interesting mechanics and wonderful art style.
Chained is a short puzzle platformer, the story of man travesing an otherworldly environment, tethered to an ethereal ball-and-chain. What stands out from the start is Chained's art style, a gloomy world filled with dilapidated structures, in an expansive cavern...where something lurks. The gameplay is equally enjoyable; your heavy weight is a versatile tool, able to smash down obstacles and be used as a grapple hook of sorts to climb up high ledges and swing from special points. Simple controls make traversing the various gaps and buildings easy. The world of Chained is a dangerous one; while there are no enemies, it's a world in ruin, as buildings collapse and plummet with you inside. 
Chained is pretty buggy; more than a few times, my chain got stuck on a different floor or I'd find my guy floating through the level. Luckily, the developers seemed aware of this and added keyboard shortcuts that let you restart the position of your character and his ball. 

You can download Chained here.

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