Sunday, June 22, 2014

PC Spotlight #97: Super Splatters

Title: Super Splatters
Developer: SpikySnail
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $9.99
I recently got Super Splatters in the Steam Summer Sale. It hadn't really been on my radar and I didn't have any expectations, but some really positive impressions from friends on NeoGAF convinced me to give the game a chance. That was a good choice on my part, since Super Splatters is such a fun, challenging, unique experience.
If I had to compare Super Splatters to something, I'd say it's Angry Birds meets Tony Hawk. Now that may seem like one weird combination, but it's a pretty apt description. In each stage, you must launch your gooey Splatters across the level, chaining together stylish stunts to build combos and spray onto explosive pods. It sounds simple, but thanks to the array of maneuvers at your disposal and well-designed arenas, Super Splatters takes that relatively simple concept and creates something addictive and fun. Finely tuned physics, and intuitive controls makes chaining together complex stunts easy, letting you focus on which stunts to perform, where and when to do them, the best angles. Getting a good score isn't that difficult, but check out the replays of the best players and you'll see that there's a lot of depth and precise strategy in mastering each level. The art style is colorful, vibrant, and the way your Splatters...splatter on impact never gets old.
Super Splatters offers a wide range of arenas and challenges, all in a colorful vivid style and silly engaging backdrop of a competitive TV show. You can purchase the game from the developer's site and Steam.

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