Tuesday, June 17, 2014

IOS Spotlight #72: The Day of The Totems

Title: The Day of the Totems
Developer: Cesar Varela
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $0.99
The Day of the Totems is a puzzle platformer. Now there are a lot of puzzle platformers on IOS, but Day of the Totems stands out due to its cute style and interesting gameplay.
Your goal is to reassemble your scattered totem and reach the exit platform. Each level contains four totem pieces, and while the early levels are straight forward, easing you into the mechanics, soon the game becomes quite tricky. With each piece you collect, your character becomes taller, preventing you from passing through openings that you could jump through before. Figuring out where you need to move the totem pieces and which order you need to collect them so that you can gather all four pieces and still reach the exit can be challenging, especially once mechanics such as portals, pressure switches, and movable blocks are introduced. At one point, actually in the first few levels, I was stumped on how to collect all four pieces, until I had a great "aha!" moment, which allowed me to see new solutions I hadn't considered before. Moments like that is what makes a puzzle game surpass others in my opinion, and The Day of the Totems has no shortage of those.
Cute colorful visuals, a nice amount of levels, solid controls, and a fun puzzle mechanics makes The Day of the Totems a puzzle platformer worth checking out.

You can purchase The Day of the Totems for $0.99.


  1. The presentation is really useful for what it is.The totem characters are cute without going too far into obnoxious, and the general graphic design is entirely satisfying and bright.The game has somewhat of a humorous twisted to it,yet this just appears in the story set-up and the description in the App Store.
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