Friday, June 6, 2014

The Watchlist: A Song For Viggo

Title: A Song For Viggo
Developer: Simon Karlsson
Platforms: PC
2015, In development
A point and click-game made of real paper, about a parent who accidentally kills his son Viggo. This game is about the aftermath.
I've always considered video games to be the most versatile form of entertainment, able to immerse and engross the player in a story and atmosphere in ways not possible with books, TV, or film. A Song For Viggo's subject matter is heavy, bleak, an exploration of depression and loss and grief. It's not the kind of premise you'd expect in a game, or even a movie for that matter. It drops you into a life shattered by the death of a child, and the roller coaster of emotions that follow. Keep your broken family together, while also struggling with the aftermath of this tragedy, making decisions and choices both big and small.
But the powerful narrative isn't the only reason A Song For Viggo deserves your attention. From the haunting piano score to the meticulously-handcrafted paper art style, the game is truly unique in terms of aesthetic and visual atmosphere.
A Song For Viggo is still in alpha, with a tentative release set for mid-2015. You can support the game on Kickstarter.

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