Saturday, April 5, 2014

Quick Fix: Frog Sord Successor, PAX East 2014, Kickstarters

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Frog Sord lives...well, in spirit anyway
In my last Quick Fix article, I mentioned the unfortunate fate of promising action platformer Frog Sord. Well, developer Zack Bell has revealed that while Frog Sord is dead, a new game is in the making, similar in gameplay and style.
In his own words,
This game should feel like Frog Sord, but it definitely isn't the same game in almost any way. So far it looks pretty though.
 You can still dash and chop things up. And look cute. (Twitter) 
So Frog Sord as we know it is gone, but its gameplay and vibrant style lives on this still unnamed experience.

PAX East 2014
The next big gaming expo is less than a week away and the Indie Megabooth and Minibooths will be jam packed with well known games and upcoming indies. You can find the full list of games here, but some personal highlights include:

As well as Gods Will Be Watching, Darkest Dungeon, Distance, Luftrausers, and many more. PAX East 2014 starts April 11th.

Ongoing and Upcoming Kickstarters
As I mentioned before, I'm managing the 2014 Kickstarter thread on NeoGAF so I've probably keeping a closer eye on campaigns than I ever have before. Here are some promising campaigns going on now or starting soon

In this RPG, words are your weapons as you face powerful enemies in Puzzle Quest-inspired combat. Quests, town building, skills, and other RPG elements flesh out the experience.

From the level designer of Perspective (seriously, play it if you never have) and The Fourth Wall, Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle platformer where you can manipulate screen wrap to solve puzzles and maneuver around obstacles.

Build a battle-ready station out of space junk and craft a new home for mankind, managing resources and fighting enemy habitats with physics-heavy combat. Yes, that's a spaceship made out of the Statue of Liberty's head.

A point-and-click adventure set in a WW2 POW camp. If the vibrant cartoon visuals and a setting that's quite rare in gaming wasn't intriguing enough, the developers also hope to deliver a mature adult story

Let's Go Camping (Starts April 7th)
A dungeon crawling action roguelike where you must traverse and survive the expansive wilderness to reach randomly generated dungeons. The low-poly art style and mix of gameplay elements make this one to watch

Prisonscape (Starts April 8th)
I've been following Prisonscape for months and I'm highly anticipating its Kickstarter next week. This is an RPG adventure about surviving prison life, with a gritty uncompromising atmosphere 

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