Monday, April 21, 2014

IOS Spotlight #57: Unpossible

Title: Unpossible
Developer: Acceleroto
Platforms: IOS Universal
Price: $1.99
By now, any regular readers here probably have noticed I have an affinity towards twitch reflex games. I've been anticipating Unpossible since the first screenshots were revealed last month and the game does not disappoint. In fact I'd say it's one of the most addictive I've played in a while.
At a glance, Unpossible might seem lacking compared to other games in the genre. It doesn't have Spike Dislike's myriad modes, or Pivvot's complex obstacles, or Super Hexagon's pulsing visuals. Beneath a muted cloud-filled sky, you race along a serpentine Tron-esque path, weaving around various hazards such as pillars, fins, rings, and different barriers. The first person perspective and tubular track bring to mind games such as Boost 2 and Proun, and yet I'm enjoying Unpossible more than either of those games. There is a real sense of speed and danger as you speed along the track, a roller coaster thrill as you evade obstacles by a hair's breadth. You only have mere moments to look ahead and react and the smooth responsive controls and unique atmosphere give the game that addictive "one-more-go" appeal. Besides the randomized levels and three difficulty modes, Unpossible also offers daily challenges for each difficulty and a zen-like Cruise mode.
Unpossible is back-to-basics evasion finely tuned to deliver a fantastic exhilarating experience. A thrilling sense of speed and immersive style makes Unpossible well worth your time and skills. You can purchase the game for $1.99.

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