Friday, April 25, 2014

IOS Spotlight #58: LightGlide

Title: LightGlide
Developer: Jonathan Kent
Platforms: iPhone
Price: Free, $2.99 unlock
If I was going to compare LightGlide to another game, I'd say the most similar would be Thomas Bowker's LYNE. Like LYNE, LightGlide is a puzzler about finding the correct path, with tons of levels and a minimal style. But while LYNE remained relatively simple in terms of mechanics, LightGlide stands out by gradually layering new mechanics and obstacles, delivering a fun challenging puzzle game.
Each puzzle in LightGlide is set on a grid of various colored tiles. You must start at a determined point and trace a path through the grid to the end tile, in such a way that all the tiles are crossed. This is made more challenging due to the fact that tiles disappear once touched so each puzzle becomes a task of studying the grid and figuring the correct route. The early level sets start out simple but soon LightGlide begins introducing new mechanics: tiles that must be crossed over multiple times, tiles with arrows that indicate what side the next tile must be on, timed tiles that disappear after a certain interval, and more. As these elements increase, so does the complexity of puzzles. Achieving each level in one perfect movement, without lifting your finger from the screen is challenging...and you only get one chance. Each of the 300 plus levels are randomly generated. 
LightGlide's minimal style, increasingly complex puzzles, and great soundtrack (the grids pulse to the music) make it worth your time. You can download the game here. You can unlock the final four chapters with a $2.99 IAP

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