Monday, March 24, 2014

Quick Fix: Check out the TIGForums Devlog Magazine!

If you've been following my blog, no doubt you've seen a mention or two of TIGForums. There's a reason why I reference TIGForums so often and that's because it's home to an incredible wealth of indie talent, developers who share their game's progress through devlog threads. TIGForums is not only a place where you can see the future of indie gaming grow and thrive; you'll also find older devlogs for other games that might sound familar, games like Minecraft, Starseed Pilgrim, and Papers, Please. Keeping track of these myriad devlogs can be tough, considering how often new ones are created, so thankfully, dedicated forum member Bandreus has rebooted the TIGForums Devlog Magazine, a weekly feature that collects the most intriguing and interesting devlogs that were started or updated that week.
You can find the most recent Magazine in this thread here (with links to all past issues), through the site Venus Patrol, or through the Devlog Magazine Tumblr.

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