Monday, March 24, 2014

PC Spotlight #84: Turbo Dismount

Title: Turbo Dismount
Developer: Secret Exit
Platforms: PC, Mac
Price: $6.99
Aside from its calming Zen Bound games, Secret Exit is known for doing one thing really well and that's delivering hilarious bodily harm to hapless ragdolls. The developer's freeware Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount probably qualify as cult classics, and now after bringing Stair Dismount to IOS, they're back on PC with their newest title Turbo Dismount.
The core thrill of the Dismount games remains the same in Turbo Dismount: cause as much damage as possible to your ragdoll as possible for high scores. While past games were confined to staircases and a simple truck racing headlong into a wall, Turbo Dismount takes the concept to the next level with multiple vehicles, tons of obstacles, and varied levels. Now the Dismount games have never been the most mechanically complex experiences, instead offering silly crazy fun as you set up the most painful damaging dismounts. Turbo Dismount delivers the same kind of fun, now with a dash of Burnout's Crash mode as you fly into the midst of massive pileups and head-on collisions. Vehicles range from the simple skateboard and shopping cart to the motorcycle, jeep, and fire truck, and various poses let you place your ragdoll in different spots inside and around the vehicles: hanging off the back, clinging to front bumper, straddling the hood, and more. You'll find yourself diving into the midst of freeway traffic and speeding intersections, through loops and into congested parking lots, and up massive ramps. It's simple, but so satisfying to watch your ragdoll get decapitated while flying through a brick wall as your fire truck barrel rolls through the air.
Turbo Dismount is currently on Steam Early Access, with regular updates; the most recent added Steam Workshop support, new vehicles, and levels and there's only more to come in the future. You can purchase Turbo Dismount on Steam.

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