Tuesday, March 25, 2014

IOS Spotlight #51: oO

Title: oO
Developer: Rainbow Train
Platforms: IOS Universal, Android
Price: $1.99
If you've been reading my blog, you've probably seen that I have an affinity for precision platformers and twitchy, reflex-testing games. That thrill of success is enhanced by challenging games like those, and the recently released oO delievers that thrill with its minimal style and simple yet varied gameplay.
Similar to the IOS title Ring Run Circus, oO has you controlling a ball as it moves around the circumference of interconnected circles; tapping the screen shifts you from the interior to the exterior and vice versa. But while Ring Run Circus felt more like a platformer, oO is pure Super Hexagon/Pivvot-style challenge, as you weave between spikes. Perfect timing is needed, not just to evade hazards but to simply travel from one circle to the next at the small overlap where two overlap. oO consists of four main levels and while that may sound lacking in content, each level builds on the one before, introducing new variations of hazards, from moving spikes to spikes that shift sides to rotating levels. The levels are not short either, instead consisting of checkpoints and tracking your death count rather than time. Each level has a hard version in which the circles are fluid and amorphous, requiring more focus and attention to avoid danger; endless modes are also available for the extra challenge.
In either the regular levels or endless, oO remains challenging and addictive throughout, especially when you gain an almost rhythmic flow and swiftly maneuver around hazards without dying. The developer also has plans for more content in the future.

You can purchase oO for $1.99

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