Tuesday, March 22, 2016

No Money, No Problem: 7DRL 2016

Last year's 7DRL (Seven-Day Roguelike) challenge gave a vast and varied array of games, from the synthesizer-controlled roguelike aptly titled Synthesizer and the RoboRally-inspired Garbage In Garbage Out to Malleus Goblinficarium and scroll. This year's selection is just as interesting and unique; here are twelve intriguing roguelikes from 7DRL 2016. For many more, you browse the full list of entries here.


Hook & Shield
A Hoplite-inspired roguelike from the developers of Card Crawl. Use your hook and throw your shield Captain American-style to defeat deadly foes and traps
As a person cursed by the titular being, you must traverse and fight through her webbed realm, which dynamically deform and shifts as you travel
Switch Hook
Another roguelike with a ranged hook, this one from the developer of Pixel Dungeon. Using your switch hook, you can tactically swap places with monsters to evade danger and destroy other enemies.
In the far future, guide crashed drones through dangerous unknown alien landscapes.
The Trapped Heart
A hex-based roguelike where positioning is key to overcome enemies' protective shields
Quaestum Facere
You're a mercenary. Do jobs, earn money, get better gear and weapons before finally retiring
Marsh Adventure
A puzzle roguelike from the developer of Arcane Tower and Power Grounds, where you play as a morphing druid on tight grids.
Doomed Looters
Explore and survive an endless dungeon as several classes, ranging from wizard to warrior
Small World
Survive passing days and night to charge your solar-powered teleporter and escape an alien world
Star Squadron Commander
Tactical space fleet combat, as you lead fighters, frigates, and cruisers into battle
Arena combat game whee you fight off other cultists and foes to become the avatar of  dark lord Azzafel
A heist roguelike focused on stealth and inspired by Thief 2

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