Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Watchlist: Fabular

Title: Fabular
Developer: Spiritus Games
Platforms: PC
Releasing 2017
A Top-down Medieval Space Adventure
After years of relatively quiet, space shooters are pretty common nowadays. From the realistic sim combat of Elite to the arcade-y action of Zigfrak or the upcoming Everspace, a lot of games have you blasting away at enemy fighters in the endless abyss. But how many let you take down foes with ship-mounted battle axes? Fabular blends the tropes of medieval fantasy with top-down sci-fi action.

As a space knight with a armored and heavily-armed mount, you traverse Fabular's unusual sci-fi medieval world, engaging in a mix of text adventure-style encounters and direct real-time battles. Traveling the game's starmap is a test of resource management, with fuel always a concern, while text encounters will offer tough and intriguing choices inspired by storybook tales like The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs.
But while Fabular's medieval world is certainly quite fascinating, its combat is equally interesting. The classic fantasy RPG archetypes are all avaible through customizing your loadout with different ships, skills, upgrades, and weapons. Warriors can wield fierce axes and shield plating, or draw enemies in range of blades with a grappling hook. Unleashing automaton tech transforms you into a sci-fi mage, bending enemy shots around you with repulse field or swarming enemies with homing mines. Lasers, rockets, energy projects can destroy enemies from a distance, but be careful, as the factions you encounter can just as well-equipped and formidable as your own space knight.
Fabular is expected to have a Kickstarter in April. You can learn about the game on the developer's site, Tumblr, and Twitter page.

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