Saturday, February 20, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 2/20

Title: Fabular
Developer: Spiritus Games
Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime is a Medieval Space-folktale indiegame with action-RPG and roguelike influences. You explore an abstract, storybook-like universe as a young space-knight in your trusty ship that functions as your armour, your figurative warhorse and your mobile home as well. You need to manage your resources, upgrade your ship, be skillful in combat and make the right choices during encounters
Title: Eloryn's Partition
Developer: Eloyrn dev team
A game about music, adventure and Yumpas.

Title: Engima Prison
Developer: Gustavo Rios
Explore a scientific facility using advanced technology tools that will mold the world according to your mind. Your play style will shape your adventure in this world full of mysteries to uncover. Learn with your mistakes and evolve to escape from this unique mind prison.
Title: Temple of Rust
Developer: Dev Zoo
Temple of Rust offers procedural generated top-down arena action. Control a young demon hunter through his proving ground utilizing a growing set of collectible abilities. The game is notable for its replay value by re-creating the whole game world on demand. It resembles a modern Smash TV-like game.

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