Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Watchlist: Scorn

Title: Scorn
Developer: Ebb Software
Platforms: PC
Releasing 2017
An atmospheric first person horror adventure
No doubt that HR Giger's unsettling blend of organic and mechanical is one of the most fascinating aesthetic in science fiction. Many games have been inspired by it, and besides Alien: Isolation, the upcoming Scorn looks it's capturing those influences with great and grotesque sucess.

Scorn drops you into a nightmarish world of twisted gnarled fleshy structures. The world will be spread across interconnected regions, each with its own stories and secrets to uncover, unique puzzles to solve, and characters to meet.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Scorn is that you aren't defenseless. Monstrous beings roam the regions, and you'll be able to fight back with a selection of weird and powerful weapons. But Scorn is no action game. Combat is influenced by old-school horror games like Resident Evil; supplies will be scare and ammo limited, focusing on carefully choosing battles if you want to survive enemy encounters.
Scorn is expected to release on PC in early 2017; you can follow its development on TIGSource and Twitter.

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