Saturday, September 5, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 9/5

Title: Cyberzone
Developer: InterMassive Studio
Super FAST shooter with time control system. Crowd of enemies, difficult and long multi-levels, connected by a single storyline. Control the time, use the environment as a weapon and KILL. ALL. F18KING. ENEMIES.
Title: The Final Station
Developer: Do My Best Games
Travel by train through the dying world, watch after your passengers, keep your train operational (refuel and setup devices) to continue your journey to the next station.
Make your way through the swarms of zombies at the infected stations. Explore mysterious and abandoned stations looking for supplies and survivors. Visit living stations for trade and the new quests.
Title: I Can't Escape: Darkness
Developer: Fancy Fish Games
I Can't Escape: Darkness is a quicksand trap for the senses - the more you listen and look for clues, the deeper you fall into a damp, living dungeon. Plunge into the depths and scrape together whatever tools you can find, then try to escape one of the most diabolical puzzles of all time!
Title: Starbreak
Developer: Crunchy Games
A web-based Roguelike MMO action-platformer with MetroidVania-esque gameplay

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