Monday, September 7, 2015

The Watchlist: Outer Wilds

Title: Outer Wilds
Developer: Mobius Digital
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
In development
A first-person space exploration game where you uncover the mysteries of a solar system stuck in an endless time loop
Outer Wilds was one of the first games I wrote about, way back in August 2013. Even then, Outer Wilds was a wonderful experience, capturing the mystery of space exploration like few other games. Now the game is the first campaign of the new crowdfunding platform FIG and is being expanded into a prettier, grander experience.
The premise of Outer Wilds is simple: you're an alien traveler, exploring the solar system, following the signs and artifacts of an ancient civilization. From deep canyons to black holes, storm-swept ocean spheres and lava-encrusted moons, the cosmos is a unknown place full of weird planets and secrets. However..after twenty minutes, the Sun goes supernova and your galaxy is wiped from existence.

And then time resets. Outer Wilds is an experience spread across multiple playthroughs, as you explore new places and maybe even find the way to save the universe, using the knowledge gathered across multiple time loops.
I've been playing the recent IGF build and Outer Wilds is as engrossing as ever. A museum on your home planet teaches you about the galaxy; a child's drone lets you practice flight and landings. Suiting up, activating your thrusters, and leaving the atmosphere as the planet shrinks to a ball of swirling clouds against the backdrop of darkness and the fiery Sun never gets old. Witnessing an eclipse on the dark side of a moon, sending out your probe to scan an unknown world, passing through a black hole into the unknown....nothing captures interstellar exploration like Outer Wilds
This new and improved Outer Wilds will be expanded with a new art style, new locations, new mysteries, lore, and artifacts to discover. You can learn more about Outer Wilds and support it on FIG here. A new alpha build is available to check out as well.

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