Tuesday, September 15, 2015

No Money, No Problem: Late Night Shop

Title: Late Night Shop
Developer: Total Monkery
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Horror games love to mess with the concept of sight in games. In Amnesia, you must avert your gaze from the roaming monstrosities to maintain your sanity. In the Five Nights At Freddy series, keeping watch on the dangerous animatronics is the key to surviving the night. The upcoming Perception puts you in the shoes of a blind woman. And in Late Night Shop, watching the beings that want to kill you is the only way to stay alive.
You're an employee investigating an alarm in the mall...but you soon discover that the danger is far worse than a thief. The mannequins stationed throughout the levels have gained murderous life, and are stalking you through the corridors and rooms. However, like Doctor Who's infamous Weeping Angels. these mannequins only move when you can't see them. So don't look away.

Late Night Shop is a wonderfully challenging and creepy horror game. Keeping a mannequin in sight may be easy at first, but then more join in, forcing you to carefully inch through the mall. They move fast when unseen, so every glance for an exit or around a room is fraught with tension.
The version to download is merely a pre-alpha build; the developers plan to expand Late Night Shop with more levels and a multiplayer component where one player controls the mannequins.

You can find the build and more information on the game here.