Saturday, September 26, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 9/26

Title: The Nullpoint
Developer: Schell Games
A real-time tactical survival horror roguelike
Nullpoint is a sci-fi horror game where you control a small team of survivors stranded inside a mysterious alien structure: Decipher what the Nullpoint is, and find a way to escape it– if you can.
Title: Off Grid
Developer: Semaeopus Ltd
Off Grid is an adventure, satire and stealth game about a mishap antihero. You play an everyman pencil pusher, who is oblivious to the city's prying and spying, corporate-sponsored government until a series of dark events unfold. 
The contemporary storyline follows real-world events surrounding data privacy, and gameplay utilises unique mechanics that allow you to manipulate the world and people around you with the data they unwittingly leave behind.
Title: Kill To Collect
Developer: Pieces Interactive
You are a Bounty Hunter. Without any remorse or judgement, you take on jobs, eliminate targets and collect Credits. Your mission objectives hide in the deeper levels, usually protected by their vile friends. You can take your chances alone, but bounty hunting is best done with friends! So choose your powers, gather your friends and go hunting in a Cyberpunk-inspired city world filled with danger, mystery and treasures.
Title: Speak of the Clouds
Developer: Mechanic Moon
A classical point-and-click adventure where you have to help Fenix to escape from a UFO's invasion

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