Monday, September 29, 2014

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Developer: Area Effect
Izle is an online cooperative action-exploration game. Starting your journey on the magical land of the Moon Princess, you take control of a character following an old legend to save the kingdom from the shadows. To uncover the island's mysteries, you will have to cooperate with others to progress in this vast, unknown world. Experience real-time action combat, find mythical chests and hidden secrets, craft, build, and explore to finally gather new abilities, and bring balance back to the world of Izle.
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Developer: Dean Razavi
Vidar is a top-down RPG-puzzler where everyone dies. The game takes place in a struggling town beset by a Beast, and every night, a villager is killed. Explore Vidar's past in four unique settings, each filled with puzzles which blend nostalgic dungeon-exploration mechanics (like frictionless ice, mirrors which reflect light, adjustable water levels, and more) with new twists. With random puzzles and random story telling, Vidar brings a new challenge in every playthrough. The only certainty is that everyone will die.
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Developer: Ackk Studios
Y2K is a modern day(ish) RPG, inspired by Earthbound and Pokemon. The game contains action and platforming elements, as well as meticulously designed story-based dungeons. In addition to these story-based dungeons, Y2K will feature randomly generated dungeons called “The Mind Dungeon“ that contain puzzles, story elements, and opportunities for the characters to level up beyond the standard leveling experience that is expected from battle.
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Developer: Laura Shigihara
Rakuen is a story-based adventure, but there are no battles. It functions like a mix between Maniac Mansion, To the Moon, and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (in terms of layout, not in terms of fighting). The hospital itself has a lot of little puzzles and mysteries that evolve throughout the course of the game, and you can gradually help improve the quality of the place as you progress. And of course, a big part of the game is uncovering the stories behind the patients in the hospital, and the secrets of the world around you.
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