Monday, September 8, 2014

SitRep: Starship Corporation

Title: Starship Corporation
Developer: Ratakari
Platforms: PC
I last posted about the upcoming shipbuilding sim Starship Corporation in March. In this intriguing game, you build a variety of different space-faring vessels and test their effectiveness in diverse simulated scenarios, as well as maintaining your corporation on a macro level through contracts and business connections. Since then the developer has been working on and implementing a plethora of mission types and additions, including everything from alien infestations and mutinies to infiltration by special forces and navigating minefields. Here's a collection of some of the videos showcasing these missions, along with commentary from the developer; the full list of updates can be found here.



Special Forces Attack


Galaxy Map Teaser

Starship Corporation is still in development; you can learn more about the project and preorder the game on its official site.

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