Sunday, September 14, 2014

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 9/13

Magenta Sunset
Developer: Impromptu Games
A currently-mysterious immersive, atmospheric first-person adventure game with a focus on minute interactivity.
Watch the trailer here

One Heart
Developer: 2 Hit Studio
Neon samurai deatchmatch game, Nidhogg meets Bushido Blade
The goal is to KILL! Striking another player's sword will deflect both your weapons momentarily, strike their body to win. The slashes (hi, mid, low) all have different characteristics, use the best attack for the situation and stand atop a pile of your foes!
Local multiplayer, Xbox controllers only
Download the game here

Sign Motion
Developer: Midnart
The story of the kid from the school crossing sign.
For a long, long time they have been bound by rules and assumptions. Trapped within the boundaries of signs. Until one day, the kid from the school crossing sign is thrown out – unleashing a new world – the world of Sign Motion. Where will the kid go now? Will others follow, help or envy?
Learn more here and on Greenlight

Cell Tune
Developer: Niklas Riewald
Cell Tune is a life simulation game. You have to design your own creatures and let them compete in a struggle for survival. The game demonstrates that complex life forms can emerge from only a few, simple elements (five cell types). It’s very fun to watch the evolutionary process in real time!
Learn more here

Developer: SS64 Games
Sature is an innovative board game of color designed for mobile platforms. Place cards onto the board, mix with your opponent to desaturate their colors, and control the brightest colors at the end of the game. Every game board ends as a unique palette.
Learn more here

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