Friday, September 19, 2014

PC Review #108: Super Time Force Ultra

Title: Super Time Force Ultra
Developer: Capybara Games
Platforms: PC
Price: $14.99
Fans of side-scrolling shooters should be quite pleased as of late. Between Broforce's chaotic action and Mercenary King's massive arsenal to Viktor's teleportation-heavy shooting, there's a nice variety of platforming/shooting experiences out there. Enter Capy's Super Time Force Ultra, a PC version of the lauded Xbox title, and its unique over-the-top take on the genre.
In Super Time Force Ultra, you play as the titular Super Time Force, an time-traveling organization that sends agents through time to stop the reign of Dr. Infinity and save the present. Choose your hero, from the sniper rifle-wielding Aimy to the enemy-shredding Zackasaurus, and face the robotic legions...and then die. You will die, it can't be avoided, either from an enemy's bullet or the ever-present clock reaching zero. In most other games, this would mean a level restart, but Super Time Force's most enjoyable moments and mechanics lies in what happen after you die.
With the tap of a button, you can rewind time to any point and then return to the action with a new character. Your previous playthrough(s) occur simultaneously, opening the door for a surprising amount of tactics and depth through singleplayer co-op.. Lay down a protective shield in one life, and then use your sniper to wipe enemies from behind cover in the next. Combine a massive array of firepower to defeat bosses, distract from one angle and then flank from behind. It doesn't take long for the already hectic action to become a screen-filling spectacle as firepower and special attacks from various lives converge. Super Time Force Ultra is challenging, frenetic, a test of precision, speed, smart use of your heroes.
Between the varied levels that range from the ruined future to prehistoric and medieval era, the charming humor, and diverse characters to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses to mater, the challenge levels, Super Time Force Ultra delivers a complete package, You can purchase the game on Steam, Humble, and GOG.

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