Monday, September 22, 2014

The Watchlist: Absolute Drift

Title: Absolute Drift
Developer: Funselektor
Platform: PC, Mac, Linux
In development, demo available
Absolute Drift is a car drifting/gymkhana game set in a minimal 3D world. The core-mechanic is simply controlling the car while it is sliding sideways. The aim is to increase your skill to the point that you are a master driver by competing in events where you must perform tricks around obstacles and demonstrate your driving skill.
Think back to 2011 for a moment, and you might remember the release of Dirt 3 and the Gymkhana mode, with its incredible drifts and vehicular stunts. Absolute Drift hones in on that focus, delivering a top-down, minimalist game all about the art of skidding sideways through the tightest turns and hair-breath gaps.
The current demo of Absolute Drift offers several race tracks and freestyle levels, all presented in contrasting red and white, black serpentine skid marks in your wake. The game can be played with either a gamepad or keyboard, but the controls feel more responsive and precise with the former. And you need every ounce of precision when playing Absolute Drift, as you slide around corners and turns with barely inches to spare. The freestyle levels offer an even greater and more creative challenge; achieving a high score means weaving between poles and under gates, performing donuts and spins, barrel-rolling off ramps and crashing through boxes. It's a game that requires skill and practice to achieve the best times and scores.
Absolute Drift is still in development, with new tracks, gymkhana courses, and challenges being worked on. You can download the demo and follow Absolute Drift's progress on IndieDB.

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