Monday, September 8, 2014

No Money, No Problem: Colony Assault

Title: Colony Assault
Developer: Dejan Poje
Platforms: PC
Colony Assault is a top down sci-fi tactical action game, as you guide a team of elite soldiers against a deadly alien threat throughout various facilities.
Solo, or with a team, you're equipped with powerful weapons and vehicles and tasked with decimating the alien hordes hallway by hallway, room by room. While I felt the gameplay was a kind of slow and sluggish at times compared to similar games, the variety of gear at your disposal allows for some fun intense fights: classics like flamethrowers and motion trackers to your APC's extraterrestrial-shredding turret, remote guns, and airstrikes. Colony Assault won't wow anyone with its visuals, but they're competent and the game itself is an enjoyable strategic shooter.
You can download Colony Assault for free here; an advanced edition can be voted for on Steam Greenlight.

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