Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Watchlist: Malebolgia

Title: Malebolgia
Developer: Jochen Mistiaen
Platforms: PC
Coming Fall 2013
"Malebolgia is an atmospheric horror action/adventure, set in a 19th century demonic fortress. The game is inspired by modern and classic horror games (from Western and Eastern developers alike), Gothic literature and most of all Dante Alighieri's Inferno."
 I saw Malebolgia while browsing Steam Greenlight and its unique art style and Gothic atmospheric environments peaked my interest. The game will have you exploring a randomly generated fortress, where oppressive darkness surrounds you and otherworldly enemies lurk the halls. You have only your torch, as both a means of illumination and as a weapon. According to the developer, enemies can be killed in one or two hits, but the real challenge is position yourself and timing those strikes.
Other features and game elements include:

  • Explore the dark world of the Afterlife: As a fallen General and commander of the battlefield, you make your way through a vast randomly-generated dungeon. There are several areas to this fortress, with their own atmosphere, style and gameplay.
  • Fend off dreadful foes and monsters: Many enemies make their appearance within the fortress. They each require a different approach, but all are deadly in their own way. It's up to you to find out how to survive.
  • Defeat the Shadow that holds you captive: A grand beast is lord and master of the Afterlife. It will chase and hunt you down throughout the game. Only you can defeat it and finish your quest, but it's not going to be easy.
  • Rest and pick up your strengths: There is room for catharsis and relaxation from time to time, as you reach safe havens within the fortress. Here you can take a breather, listen to Classical music and read from the Inferno.
  • Discover the true nature of your quest: The old General only knows his one goal - to defeat the Shadow. Why and how he finds himself inside the fortress is a mystery. Experience the tragic history of Malebolgia as you venture from the darkness into the light.
Malebolgia has the potential to be an incredible horror experience. If you'd like to see Malebolgia on Steam, vote on its Steam Greenlight page here.

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