Saturday, August 31, 2013

PC Spotlight #5: Door Kickers

Title: Door Kickers
Developer: Killhouse Games
Platforms: PC, Mac, Windows
Price: 9.99 (Lowest beta access tier)
At first glance, Door Kickers may bring to mind games like Frozen Synapse. But while they may share similar perspectives and controls, Door Kickers stands out due to its grounded premise and myriad of SWAT tactics.
Each level, you're presented with a location and a SWAT team. Your team mates can only see and shoot what's in their line of sight, so checking corners and covering angles is of paramount importance. You can strategically pause the game to plan out your assault, time simultaneously breaches with go-codes, utilize snake cameras, flashbangs, and breach charges to your advantage. Maps range from simple warehouses to cartel houses to cargo ships and air fields.
Door Kickers was updated to Alpha 4 in early August and was recently Greenlit on Steam. Features planned for the full release include multi-story locations, trooper and inventory customization, non lethal options like melee, arrests, and surrenders, and more enemy types such as guard dogs. You can purchase beta access to Door Kickers for $9.99 and the full release is planned for late 2013.

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