Sunday, August 25, 2013

IOS Spotlight #2: 14px

Title: 14px | Ultra fast-paced platformer
Developer: Robert Allison
Platform: IOS Universal
Price: 0.99
Platformers are tough to get right on touchscreen. Without the tactile feeling of buttons, touch controls can make or break a game. Luckily 14px by Robert Allison has the tight controls needed to navigate its hazard filled levels
The game's seventy levels, divided between five worlds, may start off short and simple but soon you'll be switching gravity while avoiding spikes and flying shuriken or timing your jumps to dodge massive lasers across falling platforms. The difficulty is no joke, this game is hard...but also rewarding. Replay value comes in the form of improving your time and collecting special pickups in each level, some which require extra platforming to gather. There is also a level editor, but unfortunately you have to enter level codes to find user content and I haven't been able to find any level codes online. But the 70 levels offer more than enough content and challenge on their own.
For $0.99, I'd definitely recommend 14px. The controls are great, the art style is nice, and the game is challenging.

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