Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Best of Seven Day FPS - Part 2

Last week, I recommended eleven fun, interesting games from this year's Seven Day FPS (or 7DFPS). But there are so many promising entrees that I decided to recommend some more.
Here are ten more 7DFPS games you definitely should try

This four episode entry is all about time, The faster you move, the faster time moves. Stand still and the world is in slow motion, allowing you to sidestep between bullets and approach your enemies. Each of the four episodes grows more puzzle like, as you only have a few bullets before having to disarm another enemy. An awesome concept, cool minimalist visuals, and fun gameplay makes SuperHot stand out.

Survive as long as you can in this eerie underwater shooter. Descend into the dark depths, lit only by your flares and lasers, as enemies emerge from the murky blackness around you. 

Death Smashers
A hectic arena shooter. Feels very polished (for a 7DFPS game) and the three weapons have great heft. Expect a lot of jumping and backwards shooting while evading hordes of enemies and projectives.

Roguelike FPS
Survive as long as you can in a world stylized to look like a 3D version of old school roguelikes. The interesting visual design makes this worth a try

Infinity Castle
Your only goal is to escape a procedurally generated castle. With nothing but your flashlight, you must find the next waypoints, Don't take too long or you'll soon find yourself on the run from the castle's guardian.

Match-3 Shooter
More of a concept than a full game, but still fun. A 3D match 3 game combined with FPS mechanics.

Cold Curve
You are the projectile. Charge up your jump and smash enemies while dodging hazards. A great sense of movement.

Inspired by Hotline Miami, Transparencies is all about split second planning and attack. Observe your enemies through the transparent walls, pick you weapons (which you can throw to stun), move fast, and fire accurately.

A Cosmic Forest
A visually relaxing experience of abstract exploration. 

Defeat enemies by removing the ground beneath their feet in this interesting FPS.
Another ten recommendations out of 287 submissions. There are still dozens more I haven't tried so I urge you to support these up-and-coming developers and try other 7DFPS games. Be sure to list your favorites in the comments and have fun!

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