Saturday, August 24, 2013

PC Spotlight #1: Inverto

Title: Inverto
Developer: Gravity Box Studio
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Price: $3.99 (Desura)
In their own words, Gravity Box's Studio's Inverto is a "first person shooter-puzzler with gravity manipulation." There are no enemies, it's just you, your gravity-switching gun, and levels where up, down, left, right mean nothing. If you're up for some challenging spatial puzzles, then you'll be interested in Inverto.

The game was recently updated to alpha 0.6, so a purchase will provide you with eight large level with more to come, each divided into self contained puzzle areas. Shooting special areas in the level re-orient your gravity, turning a hallway into a long drop or wall to floor. Laser grids, teleporters, force fields, gyroscopic switches, moving areas, momentum...all factor into the increasing complex puzzles.
The graphics has a stylized almost cel-shaded look to it and the environments, while not the most atmospheric, definitely suit the gameplay and offer opportunities to find hidden areas and secrets. Replay value consists of improving your time on each level and attempting to collect special picks ups, which require extra gravity-shifting puzzle solving. The controls are simple but tight and allow for the precision needed to switch gravity mid air while flying between two laser grids.
More content is on the way and even more gameplay elements are planned. In a recent article, the developer discussed what will be coming in future updates, including more guns, more exploration, elements like timed gravity fields and gravity zones, and more. I've greatly enjoyed my time with Inverto and look forward to seeing how it expands and evolves. If you're interested, there is an early alpha demo available on the game's site and if you'd like to see the game on Steam, Inverto is also on Greenlight.

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