Friday, August 23, 2013

IOS Spotlight #1: Line Bound

Title: Line Bound
Developer: Alexey Fedotov
Platforms: iPhone
Price: $0.99
(Also featured on Undiscovered App)

Since Terry Cavanaugh’s Super Hexagon released on the App Store in 2012 to unanimous critical acclaim, the minimalist high difficulty genre has thrived. Games like Impossible Road, Expander, and Pivvot have all offered rewarding experiences that challenge reflexes and skill. Alexey Fedotov’s Line Bound released last week and it lives up to the high standards set by other games in the genre.

The goal and controls are simple: you guide a line down a twisting path to the end by tapping the screen to turn left or right. Your speed and the complexity of the paths increase with each level. Seems simple, but there is more depth than the screenshots imply. First, like a racing game, you have to time your turns as to not undershoot or overshoot the corner or else your line will hit the walls. And second, the developer plays with your perspective throughout each level, forcing the player to quickly reorient themselves in time for the next turn. Auto restarts send the player right into the action after a failure, giving Line Bound a “one more go” appeal. The levels are challenging but each attempt is a learning process that allows the player to improve and perfect their run.

The minimalist design works well, colorful but aesthetically pleasing. There’s no IAP and the 12MB download won’t take up much space on your device. For $0.99, Line Bound is an easy recommendation, especially if you’re looking for a challenge.

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