Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PC Spotlight #3: The Tank Game

Developer: ttgdev
Platforms: PC
Price: 2.99 (Alpha)
So right off the bat, a name  like The Tank Game doesn't inspire much confidence. But behind that unassuming name (which is still being worked on, according to the developers) is a fast paced arena shooter that's incredibly fun to play.

Gameplay trailer here
In The Tank Game, you control...tanks in a various arenas filled with power ups and environmental features like forcefields, either alone against bots or against other in local/online co-operative or competitive modes. But what makes TTG so much fun is the wide variety of offensive and defensive abilities you gain by driving over the pick-ups. The powerful railgun rock your tank back with the force of its recoil and leaves a streak of burnt dirt in its wake. Rockets home in on your targets. Gatling guns, dual beam turrets, EMPs, and more round out your weapons.
The defensive powers are even more fun to use. Shields protect you from fire. Ram boosts you forward, damaging anything in your path. Teleport lets you flank enemies and teleport through barriers. In addition to those abilities, you can utilize equipment like recall beacons which give you a quick escape option (as well as possibly crushing enemies upon landing on the arena).
All together, these elements make every match in The Tank Game a frenetic chaotic affair as rockets and railguns rip through the arena, respawning opponents fall from the sky in drop pods, and others teleport through walls and behind forcefields to outflank and escape. A level editor is also planned.
The Tank Game alpha is available on Desura for $2.99 (as well as a demo). If you'd like to see The Tank Game on Steam, vote on its Steam Greenlight page here.

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