Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 7/25

Title: Spirit
Developer: Rinaldo Wirz
"An isometric, narrative-focused, exploration-heavy adventure" with a possession mechanic
Title: Collecton
Developer: Daniel Branicki
Collecton is a roguelike-platformer with heavy emphasis put into interaction with the world's creatures, items and exploration.
Title: Traces of Light
Developer: Mikhail Pigichka
Traces of Light is a third person adventure game about Dirk Young, a lighthouse keeper. His life is completely changed after a devastating solar storm ruins his village home. Help him to find a new mechanism for the Lighthouse and bring it back in order to save his friends and family from mortal danger. To finish the game pass through the mazes and obstacles, solve the puzzles and find the way home. There is no time to waste, let the adventure begin!
Title: Atomic Society
Developer: Far Road Games
Atomic Society is a post-apocalyptic city building game that aims to let players decide what laws, morals and values their survivors will live by, as well as giving them the fun of managing a bustling town and its resources. You can create a dystopia, utopia, and or whatever wasteland town you desire.
Title: miniLAW
Developer: Lasso Games
Futuristic tactical law enforcement roguelike
Roam the city of New Babel in search of crimes in progress. Procedurally generated crimes and encounters make no two plays the same.

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