Saturday, July 4, 2015

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 7/4

Title: Static Sky
Developer: Framebunker
A real-time cyberpunk tactical shooter for iPad
In Static Sky, the player takes on the role of a remote operator of a squad of agents, employed by The Corporation. As missions commence, the player is forced to go rogue and rebuild a squad of highly-trained executioners. A combination of tactical planning and coordinated real time action will be needed in order to reach redemption or retribution.
Title: Colosseum Fighter
Developer: Pixelboy
Colosseum Fighter is a 1- 4 player brawler with blood, sand and gladiators. It also has a stage mode with waves, playable in cooperation at 1-2 players.
You can customize your fighter with haircuts, faces, weapons and skin colors. Most of the weapons have specific stats, speed, range, damage and some have special effect (boomerang, ice staff, etc.)
Title: Reveal The Deep
Developer: N/A
A deep-sea exploration platformer and puzzler, set in the wreck of a sunken ship. Gameplay revolves around uncovering the story of the ship's demise, which is suggested by various clues throughout the game's expansive levels, and solving various puzzles.
Title: Project Valraven
Developer: Osias Bantug
Valraven will be an action adventure game (Like Legend of Zelda, but guns as primary weapon) The game’s story is about a faction war in an Industrial revolution/Victorian era-ish setting. The core gameplay will mostly consist of infiltrating enemy airships and territories, shooting enemy troops, dodging/taking cover of enemy fire and hazards, solving small puzzles, using items, and probably small stealth mechanics.
Title: Pathos
Developer: Pathos Studios
Pathos is a 3D puzzle adventure game for the PS Vita, utilizing the gyroscope to change the way we think about handheld consoles.

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