Friday, July 17, 2015

The Watchlist: Do Not Cross

Title: Do Not Cross
Developer: Tobias Frank
Platforms: PC, Mac
In development
A game about the work of a forensic cleaner
Do Not Cross is a narrative adventure about the life of a forensic cleaner. Imagine the gory and bloody work of Viscera Cleanup Detail, approached from a nature angle, as the gruesome nature of the job preys on your protagonist's mental well-being.
You'll explore places ranging from bars and stores to suburban homes and playgrounds, learning about the victims and their stories through personal belongings. Clean-up is done through various mini-games using the correct tools to cleanse, scrap, wash, cut away the bloody aftermath of crimes. Rounding off the core gameplay is a story revolving around branching dialogue, emotional states, and interacting with NPCs, as the job takes its toll on your character.

Painterly pixel art gives Do Not Cross a gritty bleak atmosphere; the game's locations are rife with details like soft rain and drifting fog, faded graffiti and boarded-up windows outside a decrepit apartment building, the cracked parking lot and dim neon sign of a pawn shop.
Do Not Cross is still in development; you can follow its progress on TIGSource and Twitter.

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