Monday, July 6, 2015

The Watchlist: Static Sky

Title: Static Sky
Developer: Framebunker
Platforms: IOS Universal
Late 2015
A cyberpunk-themed tactical shooter
From Syndicate and Satellite Reign to Deus Ex and Invisible Inc, the cyberpunk genre is ripe for great video games. Themes like transhumanism, mechanics such as hacking and augmentations, futuristic technology, atmospheric rain-drenched city streets. Static Sky hopes to bring an engaging cyberpunk aesthetic and tense tactical gameplay to mobile.
Static Sky puts you in control of a mercenary squad working for the highest bidder. Across a main campaign and side jobs, missions play out in real time, with a slow motion mode that lets you issue orders, giving the game a pseudo-turn-based vibe. One example given was placing your heavy weapon specialist into overwatch while your agile street samurai takes down the suppressed enemies at close range.

A cover system, stealth, upgrades and augmentations, and hacking expand your tactical options, letting you reroute enemy turrets and other strategies as you face forces in high-tech facilities, outside storefronts, and across rooftops. The visuals are easily one of Static Sky's greatest appeals; from dynamic lighting and shadows to neon reflections on wet streets, the detailed cyberpunk atmosphere looks like it'll compliment the high-tech action nicely.
Static Sky is currently in development, with a closed alpha and beta starting later this year and a release planned for late 2015. You can follow the game's development on the developer's site and Twitter page.

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