Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 11/22

Developer: Bit Monster
In GRAV, players will explore massive procedurally generated worlds and have endless adventures in a hostile universe. They will discover planets constructed with a unique variation of oceans, mountains, plains, and canyons. 
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Blues & Bullets
Developer: A Crowd of Monsters
Blues & Bullets is an episodic noir story, where the player will need to survive thrilling shootouts, dark investigations, difficult decisions to make and unexpected story twists in the skin of a former detective who struggles with his own demons trapped in a decadent city.
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Blood Will Be Spilled
Developer: BLWBS dev team
Blood Will Be Spilled is a western-themed 2D action platformer from a small Slovak indie studio. A story of blood, bounties, revenge and chitin
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Codename Ro.N.I.N.
Developer: dwCrew
Codename Ronin is a deathmatch game featuring futuristic robots fighting each other with swords. We are considering features such as coop zombie mode, parkour style movement and other cool stuff but we want to keep the core of the game as a pure action, fast paced deathmatch.
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