Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Watchlist: Desolus

Title: Desolus
Developer: Mark Mayers
Platforms: PC
In development
Desolus is a first person adventure and puzzle game where the player controls a black hole called the singularity. The player uses the singularity to attract elemental particles to navigate a hostile environment 
Otherworldly art styles and environments are always a joy to experience and going by its early screenshots, Desolus promises plenty of those. Exploring the titular alien structure, your main defense is the ability to summon a powerful singularity, This miniature black hole can be used both offensively and defensively, allowing you to absorb enemy projectiles and other abilities, but also explodes eight seconds after being created. Working around the singularity's short lifespan, you'll need to defeat hostile inhabitants and solve timing-based puzzles. For example, navigating around deadly turrets while figuring when and where to place singularities so that you can avoid projectiles and escape the ensuing blast radius. Described as "Portal meets Metroid", Desolus will introduce new singularity abilities as you explore a variety of atmospheric landscapes.
Desolus is early in development, still in pre-alpha with about 30% of the game's content done. You can learn more about Desolus on the developer's TIGForum devlog, as well as the game's site and Twitter page.

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  1. Hi! Mark Mayers (the developer) here checking in many months later.

    A quick update; my URL is now and my twitter handle is @DesolusDev. The links in the article 404.

    Also awesome writeup! I never commented before, but I remembered this was great :)