Sunday, November 9, 2014

No Money, No Problem: Impulse

Title: Impulse
Developer: Mark Zhang
Platforms: Browser
Yes, it's that time of year again. More than 600 games were submitted for IGF 2015 and that means dozens of interesting and intriguing indies to discover. One such game is Impulse, an unique take on the arcade shooter, revolving around pushing enemies with powerful shock waves rather than shooting them.
You control a sphere, trapped in increasingly claustrophobic arenas, hemmed in by the dark walls of the Void. Enemies encroach from all sides - homing spears, exploding tanks, and other varied foes - and thankfully, the Void is as dangerous to them as it is to you. Without any means to damage enemies directly, you must outmaneuver the incoming shapes and force them into the Void with your short-range concussive blasts. This twist on the usual shmup gameplay puts the focus on movement and positioning, as you consider the angle of your blasts and deftly evade the growing hordes to set up multi-kills and increase your score multiplier. Impulse is challenging, fun, and offers a lot of content between its main campaign and practice mode, complete with bosses to defeat and a Hard difficulty to truly test your skills.
You can play Impulse here.

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