Saturday, April 9, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 4/9

Title: Tenebrae
Developer: Troglobytes Games
A story-driven, fast-paced 2.5D Action/Adventure Platformer RPG paying homage to early 90’s classics such as Ghost ‘n Goblins. Join an epic journey set in dark and mysterious dungeons, playing the game from two different points of view leading to different combat styles and thought-provoking endings.
Title: Ruin of the Reckless
Developer: Faux-Operative Games
Ruin of the Reckless is an action Rogue-lite with a push your luck element.
Title: Unavowed
Developer: Wadjet Eye Games
For six months, you were possessed by a demon. For six months, you unwillingly tore a trail of bloodshed through New York City. Now, finally, you are rescued by the Unavowed - an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil. You are free, but your world is in tatters. You have no home, no friends, and you are wanted by the police. Join the Unavowed, and learn to fight against the oncoming darkness.
Title: Parkitect
Developer: Texel Raptor
Parkitect is a business simulation game that charges you with the construction and management of theme parks! Build the rides and manage the parks, and management is key.