Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Watchlist: Voidrunner

Title: Voidrunner
Developer: RealityArts
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Consoles
Releasing mid-2016
An intense multiplayer flight game which introduces FPS controls to the flight genre in exotic, epic landscapes
Set against a backdrop of futuristic cityscapes, gargantuan alien arches, and lightning-streaked skies, Voidrunner promises relentless aerial combat, combining the precision of a first-person shooter with the agility and mobility of a flight game.

Voidrunner focuses on high-flying multiplayer combat, as fighters, hunters, and other ship classes wage furious war in the sky. From performing full-out assaults on sprawling cities to classic modes like deathmatch, Voidrunner plans to deliver a varied array of modes to please both single- and multiplayer fans.
Additional depth comes from the inclusion of RPG elements ranging experience and levels to extensive parts to modify your ship. While pre-existing designs will let you jump straight into the action, customizing your loadout and design will allow for a wide spectrum of playstyles, from fast evasive snipers to weapons-heavy fighters.

From the intricate cockpit of your ship, Voidrunner launches you into gorgeous Unreal Engine 4-powered aerial warzones. Buildings burn and belch thick smoke into skies sliced by furious laser fire, as combatants shriek by and larger carriers hover among the dogfighting. The lavish graphics give the sci-fi battlefields an impressive sense of scale and chaos.
Voidrunner is expected to arrive on Steam Early Access this year. You can learn more and follow the game's development on its site and Twitter page.

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