Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quick Fix: Screenshot Saturday 1/9

Title: Auto Age: Standoff
Developer: Phantom Compass
Auto Age: Standoff is a colorful car combat game with the style of 1980s action cartoons. Featuring single-player, multi-player (co-op and PvP) and VR game play, Auto Age: Standoff is fuelled by real-time driving and shooting action.
Title: Tricky Towers
Developer: Weird Beard
Tricky Towers is a frantic physics action puzzler. You have to build a tower with tetromino bricks and make sure it doesn’t topple. To spice things up, use magic spells to either support your structure or mess up the towers of your opponents. With spells flying everywhere and bricks dropping like flies – Tricky Towers gives a chaotically good time.
Title: The Thin Silence
Developer: Voltic Games
A narrative-driven atmospheric, puzzle-platformer based on a mechanic of collecting and combining items to create tools you use to manipulate your surroundings. You begin deep underground and must work your way back to the surface and the past you left behind.
Title: Dropcore
Developer: YC960 Studio
A unique hybrid of tactics focused RTS/RPG/Topdown Shooter

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